Eight Tips to Prevent Hip and Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Eight Tips to Prevent Hip and Back Pain During Pregnancy


Eight Tips to Prevent Hip and Back Pain During Pregnancy


Hip, pelvic and  back pain are very common during pregnancy and often continue after delivery. Moms-to-be think it’s normal to feel pain while pregnant, but this is not true! Check out these tips so you can make the adjustments to protect your hips and back.



  1.  Use good lifting technique: never bend forward to pick anything up with your legs straight, avoid extreme reaching and avoid twisting your back.
  2.  For standing activities such as cooking, changing diapers, or even brushing your teeth; keep a small foot stool nearby and place one foot up on it, changing every 10-15 minutes.  If you are  standing in front of a cabinet, open the door and rest one foot inside of it!
  3.  Avoid prolonged positions: Take a break from sitting or standing every 15-30 minutes
  4.  Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees.  If you are pregnant, lay on your left side.
  5.  Avoid activities that may strain the hips and  back, such as crossing your legs, standing with all of your weight on one leg, climbing stairs too often, maintaining any unbalanced  position (like carrying your child on one hip).
  6.  Get in and out of the car by sitting into the car first, then turning to face the front.  Never reach across your car for bags or other items on the other side.
  7.  Get in and out of bed by rolling onto your side first, then raise yourself up.  Never sit straight up from lying straight on your back.
  8.  Avoid holding your breath.  When lifting, tighten your core and pelvic muscles to prevent increased strain on your back and pelvic floor.  This is called a “pelvic brace”.


Following these tips can help reduce your pain and prevent further injury during pregnancy.  It is also important to continue your new movement patterns into postpartum to prevent continued or returned pain.   If you have any questions or if you continue to experience pain, contact N2 PT;  all of our physical therapists specialize in prenatal and postpartum physical therapy.


Author:  Amanda Gotshcall, PT,DPT:  amandagotschall@n2pt.org


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Terri brings a diverse background in neurological, orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy to her practice, and has expanded her focus to include pelvic floor rehabilitation, perinatal and oncology physical therapy. Terri holds certifications in the Feldenkrais Method, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Trigger Point Dry Needling.