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Denise Amsrud PT, DPT

About Denise Amsrud PT, DPT

Denise earned her Master of Health Science from the University of Indianapolis and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. She focuses primarily on pelvic pain and the treatment of bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction.

Denise is board certified in Women’s Health and Biofeedback for Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction, and is certified in Functional Dry Needling. Denise is also a RRCA running coach.

Incontinence Is Not a Normal Part of Aging!

Author: Denise Amsrud PT, DPT “Sure I have some problems with a little urine leakage, but I have had two kids, so this is normal.” “Doesn’t everyone have issues with incontinence as they get older?” “I have issues with my prostate so this is a normal part of aging.”

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