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Kimberlie Landers, DPT

About Kimberlie Landers, DPT

Kimberlie earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Chapman University. She focuses on working with geriatric patients and pelvic physical therapy.

Kimberlie believes in a whole body approach to treatment, and incorporates manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and extensive patient education on stress management and living a healthy lifestyle into her treatment sessions.

Location: N2 Physical Therapy at Swedish Medical Center

Fascia: The Mysterious Tissue

Author: Kimberlie Landers, PT, DPT                                                                                                   

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  • The Vital Information: Our Bowels

The Vital Information: Our Bowels

Author:  Kimberlie Landers PT, DPT at N2 Physical Therapy Swedish Medical Center Bowel movements are often a subject that is kept to ourselves and not talked about, especially if you are having problems. However, the quality of a bowel movement can tell a lot about your health and well-being.

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