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About Stephanie Daniels, PT, DPT

Stephanie earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Florida and her undergraduate degree in Communications with a minor in Sociology at Florida State University. She is originally from Florida, relocating to Colorado to be closer to her family. Stephanie found her interest in studying human movement and rehabilitation through yoga while teaching English in Japan for the JET Program. Stephanie develops her treatments with focus on providing personalized care and evidenced-based practice. She selects treatment based on individualized goals and incorporates techniques including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, self-care, and neuromuscular re-education. Stephanie is passionate about educating her patients on their bodies, treatment, and incorporating mindfulness into sessions to engage and empower her patients.

Things to know about “the pooch”: Diastasis recti 101

Author: Stephanie Daniels, PT, DPT One common complaint pelvic floor physical therapists hear from women post-partum is “I want to get rid of my pooch - I keep getting asked if I am pregnant again.”  So what is the cause of this “pooch”? One cause may be a diastasis rectus abdominus - more commonly

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