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Massage Therapy at the Chancery Location!

We are pleased to announce the addition of massage therapy services at the Chancery location in Capitol Hill! Massage services will be provided by Micah Foster, LMT.  Here’s what Micah had to say about the services he provides:

I’ve always had an interest in science and anatomy. I do have an Associates Degree of Science which was relatively general but consisted of a fair amount of science classes. Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Biology, Chemistry and a full year in a cadaver lab. I also have an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy from Heritage College. There I learned many modalities but found my interest mostly in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Myofascial Release. I have been a massage therapist since ’05 and a personal trainer since ’07. In my first few years doing massage I was approached by the personal training manager who had received massages from me, spent time talking with me and watching me in my personal workouts. I was asked to get certified and join the training team as well. So I was a massage therapist and personal trainer and Cherry Creek Athletic Club for roughly 5 years. Here I realized how powerful it was to do both. I was able to help my clients with both and offer a pretty comprehensive plan. Towards the end of my time there I also was approached to help start up a new studio called Pilates Evolution, which could be described as a non-traditional pilates workout based on muscle failure and sweat.  I worked two locations for them, over a span of 5 years. I also worked at Pura Vida for 2 years but only as a massage therapist. Hardly worth mentioning but I did briefly work at an Equinox gym in NY as well. I only really mention this because the application and interview process was grueling, with a lot of competition and I emerged as a selected applicant in a large pool. However, my stay in NY was rather brief, so I normally don’t put too much attention on this piece, other than the accomplishment of going to NY and beating out the competition FOR the job. Since returning from NY it has been all about my private/mobile business, going to people’s homes for personal training and massage therapy–often doing both. It has been great working with Hollie and many of the PT’s at N2 Physical Therapy to help give people as comprehensive type of a program as possible, my massage work complimenting their work and vice versa. I am excited to be able an offer my services actually in the same space and give people added convenience, as well as learn from all of the PT’s, in an effort to further my own knowledge and therefore my effectiveness for my clients. 

 I have played sports most of my life and live in the gym. I enjoy running, although in a much limited fashion currently due to injury. Those things in mind, I understand the pain and frustration of injuries limiting oneself and also the desperation to get back healthy, to restore normal function and alleviate pain. Helping people overcome these obstacles is very important to me and I’m incredibly passionate about it. I try to be very present in my work on people, giving them my full and undivided attention. I genuinely want people to get better as quickly as I can help facilitate their healing. I love working with people that are in pain and see the look of appreciation and relief, when they get over these hurdles. Truly priceless. 

Micah is  talented massage therapist, and we are so excited to extend his services to our patients.  Massage therapy rates are $95 for one hour. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (720) 939-7239  or email foster367@gmail.

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